How Tankless Water Heaters Can Save Water In Your Home?

Nowadays, people are being more and more conscious of energy saving alternatives and greener lifestyles. It is no secret that in the past we had the tendency to waste a lot of energy and Earth’s resources. Each and every one of us has to take action and contribute in any way that we can with preserving the environment, even from our own homes.

One way to help reduce energy waste and to save money at the same time is by switching the hot water system in our house to a tankless water heater. They can help us save up to 40 percent of the energy spent in a house to heat water. That is a great number!

Just think of how much money you can be saving if you install a tankless water heater in your house. And besides that, you will be helping the environment by reducing your energy consumption. These are a lot of advantages to thinking about.

In addition to saving money on your energy bill, you will be saving water too. Because with the tankless water heater, you will not have to wait until the water comes out hot in the shower. The heat exchange system in the tankless heater works immediately. There are different studies which say that in an average house where hot water consumption is around 41 gallons per day, savings can go up to 34 percent regarding water usage.

The way these tankless heaters work is that cold water flows through the heater and due to a heat exchange process (it can be either a gas burner or an electric one) the water comes out hot. These types of the system ensure a constant supply of hot water.

How Tankless Water Heaters Can Save Water In Your HomeAs mentioned above, there are two basic types of tankless water heater: electric and gas. The difference is that electric heaters will need a proper electric installation and are 99 percent more efficient than the traditional storage water heater. On the other hand, gas powered heaters need to be vented and are about 23 percent more efficient.

This is definitely not a new invention. Cars have the same system to cool their engines. What we need to do is encourage ourselves and our neighbors to go tankless.

Now if you have decided to buy a tankless water heater for your house start with reading some tankless water heater reviews and then compile a list of  what your needs might be and from there you have a criteria to choose from. Here are some things you need to consider:

Demand: will you need hot water in one room of your house? or the entire house?

Type: electric or gas?

Location: tankless heaters must be about 50 feet from a power source. They can be installed in an exterior or interior wall.

Life expectancy: they last around 20 years.

Installation: A professional must be hired in order to do a correct installation and to avoid any future damages to the heater.

As you can see from above, installing a tankless water heater system in your house is a great way to make your contribution to the planet, by reducing the amount of water you spend and the energy needed to make it hot. There are other ways to help Earth from your own home, but a tankless water heater is an excellent way to start.