How Are Low Flow Shower Heads Good for the Environment?

It’s not for nothing that a lot of agencies and organizations that raise environmental awareness are also championing the installation of low flow shower heads in many households. After all, with the proven benefits that it has on conserving water, why shouldn’t it become the norm? With the fact that showering occupies a large part of the average water usage of most households (20-30%), wouldn’t it simply be logical to go for the alternative that offers optimum water-saving?

Low Flow Shower Heads Good for the Environment

Compared to standard shower heads, flow shower heads only have a maximum water flow rate of 2.0 GPM (gallons per minute), and some brands could even go lower than that. That is basically 0.5 GPM lower than standard shower heads. Many also offer unique features other than the low flow perk, which also, directly and indirectly, help in water conservation.

For one, a few brands feature a pause button, which gives you control on when to stop the water flow. Unlike turning a standard shower knob, though, the water is promptly stopped, and its temperature won’t change at the least bit once it’s restarted. There is also the fact that a lot of low flow shower heads also come with a shower timer, which as is readily evident from its name allows you set and adjust a time limit to everyone’s shower times. Once your time is close to expiring, you would often be sent a warning. If you don’t turn it off, the water flow would be significantly reduced to the point that it’s not ideal for showering anymore. This is particularly great for instilling discipline in water usage among consumers. Read more about different shower heads and how to choose the best shower head for you over at as they have both great articles and guides on different types of shower heads.

It also can’t be denied that waiting for their water to heat when running standard shower heads also causes people to waste precious amounts every day. This is not at all the case for most low-flow shower heads as some have a temperature gauge that controls the flow of water and keeps it at a minimum until it has reached the temperature you want.

The Benefits Do Not Stop There

Great quality shower head is important
Great quality shower head is important

Just imagine the billions of gallons of water that can be saved annually if many households would start adapting the use of low flow shower heads. The advantages are not limited to water conservation as well, since keeping showering times at optimum levels also means less consumption of energy too.

Understandably, many consumers question low flow shower heads and are readily turned off by the term “low flow”. After all, it does readily imply that you would be getting less water flow rate than what you’re normally used to while showering. Yes, older versions of these types of shower heads did have this problem (the water pressure tended to be so low that flows tend to become trickles instead); however, the ones that are being released nowadays have already addressed this issue. They easily remedy this problem by incorporating smaller apertures, which with the help of air are able to create stronger water pressures.

Taking these facts into consideration, there’s technically no other alibi that can be used against the use of low flow shower heads. For all the long-term benefits it has on not only the environment but to people in general as well, there’s no doubt that it’s become the best choice for all households around the world.