Does Fresh Juice Constitute as “Natural” Foods?

Fresh juice is a healthful addition to the diet. In fact, studies show that juicing raw fruits and vegetables are a valuable addition to an already healthy diet. However, the benefits obtained from the intake of natural juices partially depend on the equipment used to blend. There are machines that remove all the fiber from the fruits or vegetables being blended.

Note that fiber that is a crucial nutrient for the digestive health is quickly obtained from fresh juice thus constituting it as a natural food. However, for those that have impaired digestion, using blenders that get rid of the fibers is not a problem. If a traditional juicer is used to blend the fruits or vegetables, the body’s GI system is given a timeout while still feeding it with all the minerals, vitamins, and phytonutrients.

Fresh juices that are made with the help of a high-speed blender retain raw food ingredients. Due to the fiber content, a slow release of nutrients is taken into the bloodstream. That means that the person drinking the juice can stay full longer. For people struggling with weight loss, this is a great substitute for a whole meal. The number of calories is reduced effectively. Fresh juice also helps in lowering blood sugar levels thereby preventing crashes and spikes that could affect energy and mood.

Not only does fresh juice stand in the place of healthy natural food, but also reduces heart disease, high blood pressure, and cancer risks. Juicing allows you to take in more vegetables and fruits in a drinkable form. This helps in boosting the intake of phytonutrients and micronutrients helping to strengthen the immune system.

For the best health benefits, it is advisable to consume the juice immediately after blending. Natural juices quickly lose their natural nutrients and develop bacterial growth if left in the open for long. Whenever one drinks fresh juice, it is almost the same case as taking an intravenous infusion of minerals, vitamins, and enzymes because they are transported directly to the system without the need for breaking them down.

Does Fresh Juice Constitute as “Natural” FoodsWith the right juicer (read about the best juicer reviews at, getting into the habit of drinking fresh juice in the morning gives the body natural energy. Given that the juice is easily digestible, it revitalizes energy levels within 20 minutes. Certain fresh juices contain vitamin C and high in folate and minerals like potassium. Various juices such as the orange juice may contain calcium. If you are purchasing, look for fresh juice that does not contain sodium or sugar. When preparing at home, you can add water to cut sugar and calories.

Vitamin C that is contained in many fresh juices is highly responsible for collagen health, a protein that keeps the skin healthy. When one consumes vitamin C rich juices, the skin is replenished, and natural beauty is restored. Also, vitamin C aids in the maintenance of hair and joint flexibility. Calcium rich fresh juices reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and they also prevent osteoporosis. Potassium rich juices also keep the blood pressure low and further prevent osteoporosis by forming osteocalcin.

Note; if the juice blended contains more fruits than vegetables, it will be high in sugar and calories. You can choose berries, apples, or kiwi to add flavor but ensure that the larger portion is constituted of organic green vegetables such as celery, spinach, kale, etc.