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Governance arrangements

Governance structure of the ANZTPA implementationThe project to establish ANZTPA is a complex multi-year project requiring effective governance arrangements. When committing to the project in June 2011, the Australian and New Zealand Prime Ministers agreed to establish two key joint governance bodies:

  1. a Ministerial Council, including Australian and New Zealand Health Ministers and other relevant ministers, to oversight implementation; and
  2. a Transition Agency, resourced by both Australia and New Zealand, to advise the Ministerial Council and drive implementation of the scheme.

A number of other entities have been set up to support the roles of the Ministerial Council and Transition Agency. These are:


  1. The TTSOG is accountable to the Secretaries' Group for policy advice while the Transition Agency is accountable for secretariat functions, monitoring progress and reflecting the corporate interest of the ANZTPA.
  2. The Regulators will provide regulatory and/or B2B progress updates to the Secretaries' Group as required.

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