3 Healthy Reasons to Take Up Golf

3 Healthy Reasons to Take up Golf

Aside from being one of the most popular sports in the world, golf is also considered as one of the best sports that can give a lot of health benefits. More and more people are being attracted to play golf. In fact, there are around 32,000 golf courses in the world which can prove that a lot of people are interested with playing golf.

Aside from having a good time playing golf, you can actually acquire a lot of health benefits while playing golf according to the editors at www.thegolfspy.net. Below is the list of the 3 healthy reasons to take up golf.

1. It serves as your cardiovascular exercise.

Golf is a sports that will require you to have a long walk. Considering that there are 18 holes in golf courses, the average size of a golf course is between 6 to 8 miles. Brisk walking towards the holes will really help you to have a good cardiovascular exercise. Also, the walk from the last hole to the clubhouse can be estimated to be around a mile. All in all, you will be able to burn 1,250 to 1,500 calories just for playing golf. In addition, carrying your own things while walking towards the holes will give you a better cardiovascular workout.

2. It is good for your bones.

3 Healthy Reasons to Take Up GolfPlaying golf can also strengthen your bones. Weightlifting and gym exercises are not the only ones that can make you have a better posture because playing golf regularly can give you the best posture you want. In order for you to strengthen your bones, you need to play golf at least twice a week. By playing twice a week, you will burn more fats and your stamina and breathing will be improved. Exercising through golf can help you create the lean muscle mass that you dream of for your body. This lean muscle mass will make your skeletal system better and healthier.

Moreover, many adults are trying to learn golf because they know that aside from having a good time with their friends, they will also be able to gain all the health benefits that golfing can offer. Some of the health benefits of playing golf are prevention of bone degradation, prevention of osteoporosis, lowering the probability of having bone cracks and a good posture for your spinal cord.

3. It will help you lower your stress level.

Businessmen and other men working in offices face a lot of stress because of their work. They tend to be stressed and their energy level is always low. One way to deal with this high stress level is through golfing. Playing golf is a nice way to relax and free your mind from all the work you need to accomplish. Men and women who are stressed with their lives just need to concentrate in playing golf and enjoy playing. You can also find a way to relax with golf by going into your backyard and start hitting balls into a golf net for 30-60 minutes just to unwind and you can learn more about that over at http://www.thegolfspy.net/best-golf-practice-net.

Indeed, playing golf is a very good choice that you need to make. You will surely have a nice time playing while gaining health benefits. So always remember the 3 healthy reasons to take up golf and invite your friends and family for you to have a great time with them.